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Changes in Mobility

Whilst Car makers scurry to cope with the rapid changes in their marketplace, the realisation has not yet sunk in that no one will buy an autonomous vehicle in the future. No individual will want the responsibility of owning and servicing such a device.

Yes, we will all want to use them — but just for 'a journey' or two. Individuals will not want the hassle of parking, insuring and maintain such a device. That task will fall to 'Service Providers.'

There is another reality — that fully autonomous vehicle are probably a generation away (25 years) in terms of mass market.

A fully Electric 'car park' is probably not much closer — unless of course there is the Political will to 'entice' the public to 'switch?'
This could be done with positive incentives for the Electric Vehicle (EV) or with negative incentive for present day cars powered by the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE.)
Early EV's are here already of course — but they need a 3-phase supply to your house to power the charger!

That is another challenge: 'How to get all that electric power to charge the EV at your home?" The present load balance model of 'cheap electricity' during the hours of darkness will have to be re-thought, as that is when everyone will be charging their vehicles.

The UK couldn't cope if everyone wanted to 'switch' to Ev's straight away. There isn't either enough electric power to achieve this or a distribution network that would enable every house to access sufficient Power when needed.

We will need some form of 'SMART GRID' combination in the UK to marry together the disparate power sources and loads. Every EV is a potential power source — as well as a load.

If we could 'click our fingers' and 'switch to EV's next week,' it would take something like 5 more Hinckley Point sized Nuclear Power Stations to generate the equivalent power needed to replace the calorific content of all the fossil fuels used in the UK today (Petrol and Diesel.)
It takes 20 years to build and commission a new Nuclear Power Station — so that extra power is not going to be available any time soon!
— and don't be fooled into thinking that 'Renewable Energy' will fill the gap. It won't. (well not with todays technologies.)
All the renewable energy in the UK accounts for 30% of our present total consumption. The switch to EV's will reduce that percentage to less than 10%.

So the message is, 'The transition to EV's sounds appealing but isn't going to be easy or cheap'

There is no such thing as a 'Free Lunch'
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